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IIS Post-Baccalaureate Fellow
Professor of Chemistry
Clarence E. Denoon Jr. Chair in the Natural Sciences
Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry
Director of Mathematics & Statistics Emeritus
Director of Biological Instruction
Program Coordinator, URISE
Coordinator, Integrated Inclusive Science Program
Cellular and Molecular Immunology
Toxicology of inhaled pollutants
Development of novel evidence-based teaching strategies
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Differential Geometry
IIS Post-Baccalaureate Fellow
IIS Post-Baccalaureate Fellow
Associate Professor of Physics
Discrete systems in Mathematical Physics
Nonlinear models
Stochastic processes
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Data Science Advisory Board Member
Organic Chemistry
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Solar Fuels and Alternative Energy
Associate Professor of Biology
Molecular Biology
Bacterial Pathogenesis
Synthetic Biology
IIS Post-Baccalaureate Fellow

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