The Integrated Science Minor

Note:  The grade point average of the coursework comprising the minor must be no less than 2.00 with no course grade in the minor below C- (1.7).  Students are strongly advised to consult with faculty in planning their minor curriculum.

6.75-7.75 units, including:

  • BIOL-192 or BIOL-199 Biology

  • CHEM-192 or CHEM-141 Chemistry

  • CMSC-150 Computer Science

  • MATH-211 Mathematics

  • PHYS-131 Physics

  • IDST-284 Research Training Seminar

  • IDST-484 Integrated Science Senior Seminar

  • Two units, (one of which must be in addition to courses completed for a major or other minor), chosen from:

  • An undergraduate research project in any science, math, or computer science area of significant length that culminates in a written report or poster presentation, chosen from:

    • One unit in:

      • BIOL-394 Undergraduate Research

      • CHEM-320 Introduction to Research

      • PHYS-381 Research

      • CMSC-340 Directed Independent Study

      • MATH-340 Directed Independent Study

      • or a full time summer research experience of at least 8 weeks.

Students are expected to fulfill all prerequisites necessary for courses within the minor. Prerequisites do not count toward the minor unless otherwise noted.