Upcoming Courses

The following courses to be offered during Fall 2022 will satisfy the requirements for the Integrated Science Minor.

BIOL 317 Mechanochemical Cell Biology
Focuses on the chemical and physical nature of cellular function, and the approaches used to study cells. Topics include biophysical principles, kinetics, macromolecular self-assembly, and the impact of regulatory mechanisms on cellular properties. Laboratory component includes an active research project studying the machinery of cell division, including quantitative microscopy approaches.
Prerequisite: BIOL 202 with C-

BIOL 336 Eco-Epidemiology with Lab
Explores various ways environmental heterogeneity influences disease risk in humans, with specific emphasis on diseases harbored by wildlife species and transmitted by arthropod vectors. Molecular, field-based, computational, and geospatial approaches to characterizing and studying infectious disease dynamics. Readings draw heavily from primary scientific literature. Development of research ideas and implementation of group investigations. Three lecture and three laboratory hours per week.
Prerequisite: BIOL 202 with a C-.

BIOL 342 Neurodevelopment
Interdisciplinary and integrative area of biology that studies the cellular, molecular and physiological processes by which a field of (ectodermal) cells give rise to a multicellular, three-dimensional nervous system with specialized cell types that are organized into tissues with sensory, motor and cognitive functions.
Prerequisite: BIOL 202.

GEOG/ENVR/BIOL 315 Landscape Ecology
Applied science that focuses on the development, consequences and management of environmental patterns. These patterns include the spatial distributions of species and the environment resources upon which they depend. Attention is paid to the importance of scale in natural resource management. Landscape ecology also emphasizes the role of humans in the environment. (Same as Environmental Studies 315 and Biology 315.)
Prerequisites: GEOG/ENVR 250, ENVR/GEOG 201, BIOL 207, or permission of instructor.

PHYS 204 Biophysics
Application of physical law to the biological sciences. Introduces selected concepts and experiments in the field of biophysics. Topics may include but are not limited to diffusion, cell signaling, molecular binding and computational biophysics.
Prerequisite: PHYS 131.