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One of the hallmarks of the integrated inclusive science program is the opportunity to conduct paid research on campus with a faculty member.

Pre-First Year Research Experience

Students accepted to URISE participate in a 2.5-week paid research experience with a faculty member the summer before their first year.

Post-First Year Research Experience

Students participating in the SMART course will receive stipend support to conduct research during the following summer. Students will work with a faculty mentor of their choosing on an interdisciplinary research project. Summer housing on campus, funds for research supplies and grants for travel to professional conferences are provided as well. 

Research Training Seminar

To introduce students to the excitement and challenges that accompany interdisciplinary research, a research training seminar will be offered primarily for sophomores who have completed the IQS course. Speakers will be invited from the University faculty and external labs whose work demonstrates the multidisciplinary approaches needed to tackle important, cutting-edge research problems in areas such as drug design, stem cell research, and nanoscience.

In the latter part of the semester students will choose a faculty mentor from any discipline and practice integrated problem solving by developing a research proposal that uses a combination of tools and approaches from the sciences and mathematics. To build their skills in proposing scientific projects, students will iteratively draft, present and defend their ideas to their peers, both orally and in writing. Students will be able to submit their proposals for summer research funding, where they will work collaboratively with their faculty mentor on their proposed project.

A&S Summer Research Fellowships

Though funding is provided and expected for the first summer of research for SMART participants, students are encouraged to continue conducting research throughout their undergraduate experience. The School of Arts & Sciences has established a large undergraduate research program where students may apply for funding to assist in defraying the costs of conducting research and disseminating its results to the scholarly community. Additionally, the University has several external funding sources, including the Beckman Scholars Program.